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Archery Sights: What You Need to Know

Shooting targets just won’t be that easy without archery sights. Just like gun sights, there are archery sights that would definitely enhance your shooting performance. Accuracy and precision are easier to achieve with these archery sights.

Now, there are actually different types of archery sights that you can use in improving your performance at the sport or hobby. Your choice for these different sights would depend on the activities that you will use them for. Just to name a few of these archery sights, these are the pendulum, the fixed-pin, the movable-pin, and the target sights.

The pendulum sight is designed for the purpose of hunting game from a tree stand. These archery sights provide pins that would swing so that it would not be difficult for you to determine the downhill angle that you have from the tree stand. Of course, you would have to adjust these pins to come up with the specific height for accuracy. Locking the pin in place would prevent it from further swinging.

The fixed-pin is one of the archery sights that are most commonly used. This type has three or five pins that you can configure at specific distances. Upon configuration of these pins, you just tighten them down so that they can be used immediately. For these archery sights, people prefer to set their distances at a range of 20 to 40 yards. These distances provide the most comfort when you are still new at using this archery sight.

The movable-pin archery sight would have a single pin that can move up and down. All you have to do is gauge the distance to the target you are aiming it, and then adjust the pin so that it would match that distance. The problem here is that your targets could very well be moving so you would have to adjust your pin a few times accordingly.

Lastly, target archery sights are specially used in competitions worldwide. This is because these archery sights are the most accurate that you will ever find in today’s market! Looking at these archery sights, you would definitely find a resemblance to the design of the movable-pin. The only difference is it comes with an advanced system that enables you to adjust your settings accordingly to handle wind elements and aspects of elevation.

These are just some of the many archery sights that you can use. Just remember to use the one that you are most comfortable with. This way, you won’t be having any difficulty using it.